Production CompanyCowboy Films
DirectorsMyriam Raja, William Stefan Smith
ProducerTina Pawlick
Associate ProducerDavid Harwood
Executive ProducersAlisdair Flind, Charles Steel, Drake
DoPsFederico Cesca, Kaname Onoyama
CameraArri Alexa LF

Winner BAFTA Best Drama 2024

On September 7th 2023 The Look bade farewell to one of its most significant and widely praised shows, namely ‘Top Boy’.

Starting from the initial Channel 4 production by Cowboy Films, it started under the guidance of director Yann Demange and cinematographer Tat Radcliffe BSC for season 1, then Jonathan van Tulleken and Chris Ross BSC for season 2, Ronan Bennett’s complex story of Hackney life played out on screens, and subsequently to many awards. 

Years later, this culturally significant series was resurrected by Drake and continued with installments on Netflix.  Now, with season 5, Myriam Raja, Fede Cesca, William Stefan Smith and Kaname Onoyama’s final series has landed.  The narrative has evolved into a tale that captivated audiences, not just within London’s confines, but across the entire globe. As the curtain falls on the fifth season, this remarkable journey finds its conclusion.

Thomas and all the team would like to extend their special thanks to Alisdair Flind, Charles Steel and David Harwood from Cowboy Films for supporting our company and entrusting us with this series.  Thanks of course to all the directors and cinematographers, especially Yann and Tat in 2011, for being so wonderful to work with, and some who became close friends of ours.

Thomas comments “Top Boy was a series that put The Look on the map.  After the release of the first series in 2011, we got calls from directors, production companies and agencies booking us due to the look of Top Boy.  Students would reach out with questions for essays, staff would join and say Top Boy had been a series that stood out to them for its distinctive look and made them seek us out for a job.  What has been so rewarding about the series has been the incredible creatives Cowboy Films have brought to the series.  Charles, Aly and David have shown such support to their team, every single HoD that has come through our door have spoken so highly about the support they received from the team at Cowboy.  On a personal level, the professional relationship I have had with Aly, Charles and David and Top Boy as a series, has been a highlight of my career.  While Directors and DoPs, and crew, have come and gone, Cowboy have always entrusted the series to me and the team at The Look.  I hope we have done the series the service it deserves with this explosive final installment.”


Yann Demange

Jonathan van Tulleken

Reinaldo Marcus Green

Nia DaCosta

Brady Hood

Aneil Karia

Koby Adom

Myriam Raja

William Stefan Smith


Tat Radcliffe BSC

Christopher Ross BSC

Joe Anderson

Chloë Thomson BSC

Adam Scarth

Rina Yang BSC

Stuart Bentley BSC

Dan Atherton

Federico Cesca

Kanamé Onoyama