We understand the true value of colour grading, its partnership with finishing, the connection with the audience and the transformation that beautiful colour grading can give – and we do it for clients all over the world.

As projects become ever more complicated, the requirement for advanced tools for managing the logistics and flow of VFX shots and their grading becomes increasingly important.

The Look has proprietary tools that enable lens effects, film grain, denoise and complex VFX matte controls for detailed work for bedding-in advanced VFX shots.  This is combined with industry leading enterprise hardware for six grading systems to play 4K realtime simultaneously.





Thomas started his career as an online editor and colourist at MPC Technicolor in 2003 where he worked on films such as ‘Troy’, ‘Shaun of the dead’ and ‘Corpse Bride’.  Then in 2007 he founded The Look. He is now regarded as one of the world’s leading colourists with over twenty years experience.  His close relationship with Netflix, Amazon and other streamers and broadcasters has meant The Look has spearheaded some of the biggest series going through the UK.  Thomas’ grading work on TV includes award winners ‘Top Boy’, ‘Fleabag’, ‘Sex Education’, ‘Landscapers’ and many more.  You can view his showreel here



Grace has been training with Thomas since 2016, grading HDR drama series as well as handling the Dolby Vision trims from HDR to SDR.  She has now built her own loyal client base and developed her own style and leads on many series at The Look.  You can view her showreel here



Ollie has been working with Thomas and Grace since 2017.  Ollie has been pre-balancing drama series as well as handling the Dolby Vision trim conversions before final review.