Facilities include:
*7x Grading & Finishing suites
*UHD & HDR grading
*Dolby Vision certified
*Dolby Vision Netflix approved
*Dolby Vision IMF delivery
*Netflix Silver NP3
*ACES workflow
*Superior Environment
*DCP screenings with 5.1
*DCP mastering with KDM
*DPP File Delivery
*AutoQC & PSE
*Fast 10gb uncontested internet
*Secure FTP
*Signiant File Transfer
*Onsite LTO backup

To be able to deliver a world leading post production experience to the likes of Netflix, Sky and Amazon Studios you need to have the best facilities. 4K 16bit Dolby Vision HDR is not for the faint hearted!

At The Look we handle the conform, grade, online and playouts in one common 4K architecture.  It’s this flexibility and custom workflow that allows The Look to stand out.

Our fantastic cinema grading theatre features the stunning Sony X300 4K monitor and the Christie 2215 projector, as used in cinemas around the UK. Our screen (see above) goes up to 4.3m wide and is also available for DCP screenings.  Our other suites are also fitted with the Sony X300 4K monitor as well as high-end domestic screens for client reviews.

Video and audio can be run into any suite or meeting room in the building via our internal video matrix.

For our client’s comfort we have super-fast 1GB Wi-Fi, a fridge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, teas from around the world, and freshly ground coffee from the Profitec.

We support the Arri Alexa, both pro-res and ArriRaw, RED, Sony Venice, BlackMagic and 35mm film, to name but a few. We can also output to formats such as IMF (inc. Netflix HDR), Quicktime, AS-11 DPP, Blu-ray, DPX, EXR, HDcamSR, LTO5/6/7/8, and Digital Cinema Packages (DCP).

Make sure your own work is the best it can be – do not compromise – contact us now about your project.