Here at The Look we have created the following core values which we are proud to share


Happy – Enabling – Lifelong learning – Flexible work/life balance
  • Creating an environment for a happy, thriving team and clients
  • Take pleasure from our job and enable others to achieve their vision
  • Love our work and continual learning
  • Our working lives should coexist with our personal needs (circle of life)
  • By planning our days we achieve maximum impact and reward
  • With people and resource management
  • Embracing new technology and ways of working
  • To create genuine, positive change in our industry
  • Interdependent, collaborative, non-corporate 
    • Individual and team goals are realised by true interdependent working.
    • We enable and coach each other
    • We are process lead but not bound
    • We actively manage our responsibilities  
  • Empathetic 
  • Listen and understand to then be understood
  • Act with care and compassion
Productive & Constructive Dedication
  • We work individually & as a team to be as productive as possible
  • We constantly look at our tasks and seek to improve the processes
We are dedicated to our team and our company’s goals and values