Stream to anywhere
to anywhere

Streaming to any location in the world in 4K HDR


With our two Streambox 4K HDR systems, we can stream our live grading or finishing session to a variety of different devices.  This could include iPad Pros, laptops, a large TV screen via Apple TV 4K or to any facility in the world that has Streambox.

For reviews that don’t need to be live, we opt for the Enterprise version of Frame IO, this is a supercharged Vimeo style service that allows secure HDR review and commenting.



For live sessions we send a video signal in to the Streambox 4K which is then cleverly compressed and sent along an encrypted channel to a receiving device.  We can also stream to multiple devices via Streambox cloud, as well as a laptop browser window (if reviewing in SDR) so locations around the world can join in on the review sessions.  We can then communicate via Zoom, telephone or any other conferencing tool!

With Frame IO, clients are sent a link to their file, they log in via an iPad Pro or laptop, and can then watch the file at their convenience.