Facilities include:
*Automatic VFX Pulls
*Upcoming Bookings
*Upcoming Deliverables
*Session Availability
*Cost Reports
*Project Management Tools
*Video Review Tools
*Information Resource
*Secure File Transfer
*Subscribe to bookings updates
*Download bookings as pdf

MyLook is a bespoke ‘portal’ that allows the an Editorial team on a project to pull VFX plates (with confidence QuickTimes) from uploaded EDLs.

MyLook also captures information from our various systems to give any client access to a project status when they want, just in their browser on their devices.

For Post Supervisors the ability to see their bookings, view credits, analyse project cost reports as well as send us files securely means they feel in control of the project.

For Producers and Directors the ability to review video files, whether that be VFX sequences or whole episodes, give notes, to see when their upcoming grade dates are booked or see a list of VFX shots or scenes still waiting approval means even on the move they can check and review work.

We can also use MyLook with various VFX vendors, allowing them to see only the shots they are working on, transfer securely to and from us, and see as little or as much information as the Post Supervisors want them to see.

A MyLook account will be created for you once you begin a project with us, we can customise what you see and how you see it, it works equally well on laptops, iPads and phones!