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PlatformBBC & Paramount+
Production CompanyObjective
DirectorsAneil Karia & Lawrence Gough
DoPsStu Bentley BSC & Simon Tindall
ProducerCharlie Leech
CameraArri Mini LF

Nominated for BAFTA Best Drama 2024

Aneil Karia & Stu Bentley, who worked at The Look for Top Boy, return with Producer Charlie Leech for this true life crime drama based on the 1983 Brink’s-Mat gold robbery. Penned by writer Neil Forsyth, this exciting and fast paced series required a bold grade, with Stu and Aneil suggesting the film stock look of Spencer & Jackie as a potential reference. Supervising Colourist Thomas Urbye got to work on creating an early 80s unique print emulation look for the shooting LUT, later adding in The Look’s proprietary grain and lens effects in the final grade working with fellow Colourist Grace Weston and the wider colour team.

The series launched on BBC on the 12th February 2023 and in the US on Paramount+ in September 2023