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BroadcastersChannel 4 & AMC
Prod CompHillbilly Films
DirectorsIan Fitzgibbon, Natalie Bailey, Elliot Hegarty
ProducerCharlie Leech
DoPRob Kitzman, Oli Russell
Post SuperVanessa Lees
Dur8x47min Alexa HD

Hillbilly Films choose The Look for the picture post production on new series ‘LOADED’ for C4 and AMC.

Producer Charlie Leech and Directors Elliot Hegarty and Natalie Bailey return to The Look for this new comedy drama: One bestselling app, four friends, £300 million…….

A strong colourful grade gives this series a modern feel, making sure its rooted in both the comedy and drama genres.  This is no drab sitcom, with big set pieces from helicopters to massive powerboats, the grade had to be glossy and rich – and brash!  Skintones, midpoint saturation and blue in the shadows to create chroma contrast is protected with accurate curves with clipped whites being embraced to stop any feeling of winter, there’s even the odd blue sky graded in when needed.  The Look’s Grace Weston acted as Assistant Colourist doing a balancing pass then group allocation for the main grade with Thomas.

VFX were carried out by Jono Harris and his team at Squint VFX with Dan Marbrook acting as post producer.

8 x 47min

More info can be found here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/loaded