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DirectorMartin Radich
DoPTim Sidell
ProducersRachel Dargavel & Finlay Pretsell
ColouristThomas Urbye
CameraAlexa Studio Anamorphic
Online EditorMark Maltby

Martin Radich’s stylistic and arresting film Norfolk is graded at The Look.

Premiering at Rotterdam Film Festival, Cineuropa Journalist Thomas Humphrey wrote:

“This film is highly experimental, and has some elements that are intentionally rustic or basic. It also has an interesting sort of post-apocalyptic glitch aesthetic that is soldered to an incredibly professional finish……

…..So viewers should certainly prepare themselves for an active, interpretative challenge. Much of Norfolk even feels as if it’s told in defiance of the audience. But the result is triumphant. Being able to believably render reality this unreal is a remarkable and mesmerising feat.”