Two Weeks To Live
Production CompanyKudos
DirectorsAl Campbell
ProducerCharlotte Surtees
DoPMattias Nyberg
ExecsPhil Temple
CameraArri Alexa

Two Weeks To Live, a Sky original comedy, starring Maisie Williams, Sian Clifford, Mawaan Rizwan and Taheen Modak starts 2 September 2020 on Sky One.

We carried out the full picture post production in 4K HDR and SDR.

From Director Al Campbell about working with The Look during Covid-19 lockdown:

“One of the positives to come out of it however, is that a lot of the worry once the grade has finished and seeing it change further down the pipeline because an online suite or mixing studio isn’t set up the same for picture, and freaking out that it’s not exactly as you left it and so you go back into the grade to check it’s all still correct – that’s gone away, as you end up reviewing everything on one system – yours. I have a 7 year old MacBook pro with a retina display, and the colours and brightness levels are still very good, and every review I’ve had since the grade has felt absolutely correct. Not once have I questioned if something is more lifted or more saturated or too dark compared to what I remember from the grade. So once the grade is done, I have felt more relaxed about that and have been able to concentrate on what I am supposed to be at that stage – the online and the mix.

It’s been a tricky process, no doubt about that, and I honestly can’t wait to get back into proper suites and studios in future. But it’s been reassuring to know that not even a global pandemic cant stand in the way of achieving the same level of quality that you’d usually strive for.”