Production CompanyCowboy Films
DirectorsBrady Hood, Koby Adom, Myriam Raja
ProducerTina Pawlick
Executive ProducersAlisdair Flind, Charles Steel, Drake
DoPAdam Scarth, Stu Bentley, Dan Atherton
CameraArri Alexa LF

TOP BOY returned to NETFLIX on 18th March 2022 for its second Netflix series (its fourth instalment since the Channel 4 original series).

TOP BOY continues to be one of the most important drama series ever made, and we are delighted to be a part of bringing it to its international and dedicated audience.

The Look would like to thank the team at Cowboy Films who have continued to entrust this series with us, and to Brady and Adam who wanted to return and reboot the look of the series yet again.