The Look's Senior Colourist in Televisual's Top 20 Colourists
NEWSTelevisual Top 20 Colourist Survey

We are delighted that our Senior Colourist Thomas Urbye has been voted in to Televisual magazine’s Top 20 UK Colourists.  The list was divided in to two categories, Commercials and Drama & Film.  Thomas was placed 5th in the drama/film list (although his commercials work got a mention).

The list was compiled by 100s of voting forms sent out by Televisual to Producers, Colourists, Post Producers and grading equipment manufacturers across the UK.

The Look continues to focus on giving our clients the very best experience combined with the best talent, so we are delighted that our clients, and even our peers, have voted for Thomas this year.  Thank you to all of those that voted for him.

Copy from the Televisual Survey:

‘Urbye received praise from producers, the grading kit maker Quantel and a substantial number of this peers.  Gareth Spensley at Molinare says, ‘He’s worked on a string of high profile television productions this year.  His grading accentuated the shows with some well-considered creative looks that were faithful to the concept and photography.”  Another of his admirers, Halo Post’s Katherine Jamieson says he “goes from strength to strength working on such a wide variety of work, all of which looks stunning.  He intuitively knows when to be subtle and when to throw in all the tricks.  Projects that I’ve seen and wanted to find out who graded more often than not ended up being Thomas – Top Boy and Accused 2, and the Fiat Motherhood commercial stand out.”  Similarly, Technicolor’s Max Horton says: “Thomas’ drive and focus as well as the constant high quality of the grades he produces on such a wide volume of work always impresses me.”  Urbye says his “major highlight of the year was the impact of Top Boy.  Apparently it’s been talked about in other facilities by clients I’ve never even met, saying ‘We want the Top Boy look’.” ‘