Pendulum Witchcraft
LabelWarner Music UK, Ear Storm
Production CompanyThe Found Collective
DirectorBarney Steel & Mike Sharpe
ProducerSean Stuart
DPsDan Trapp & Mark Silk
EditorVid Price @ Family
CameraRED One
ColouristThomas Urbye @ The Look

The Look was chosen to grade ‘Witchcraft’ after our previous work on ‘Watercolour’.

The ‘other world’ grade is cool strong and baron, while in stark contrast the girl has a subtle pink tone which gives it a beautiful feel and keeps the visual style interesting throughout the video.

The Workflow: Once the edit was complete by Vid Price at Family, the conform was extracted from the original R3D Red files and a pre-grade was set with the Directors attending. Each shot was then exported as an HD Quicktime and re-conformed into After Effects where The Found Collective took over with their vfx work. A few days later the promo was supplied back for a final grade here at The Look.

This promo on Youtube has exceeded 16million views