Prod CompanyStreetlight Films UK
DirectorKonrad Begg
ProducerAdrian Harrison
EditorGuy Savin
ColouristThomas Urbye
CameraArri Alexa
Duration2mins 40sec

Director Konrad Begg returns to The Look for his latest commercial with Streetlight Films and CHI.

As the main launch film for the new range of Lexus cars at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Colourist Thomas Urbye looked to create three distinctive styles.  The first third of the film, features a definite mood, subtle green and cyans with a crisp look, with the film then developing in to the city, clean hard lines with neon colours and reflections dominate, with the car’s form taking centre stage.  Finally, the film takes on a soft and warm palette, a birth of the car on to the world, time passes by with yellows and pinks, and finally sun sets on the new vehicles with a glorious warm glow.