Lexus IS 300h F Sport
Prod CompanyStreetlight Films UK
DirectorKonrad Begg
ProducerAdrian Harrison
DoPBen Joiner
EditorGuy Savin
ColouristThomas Urbye
CameraArri Alexa

Director Konrad Begg returns to The Look for his latest commercial for Lexus’ 2013 launch of the IS 300h F Sport with world famous production company Streetlight Films and agency CHI.

The Look’s colourist Thomas Urbye discussed with Director Konrad Begg about references from 50s and 60s Hollywood photography, where midtones and highlights are pulled up the luminance curve, giving a heightened reality and sheen, while blacks stay black.  Urbye also worked to create matte images, where detail was deliberately lost in the shadows and highlights, and then pulled back up to create a charcoal finish.  Finally, dynamic grading was used with the music to create even more visual and audio continuity.

The client wanted moments of colour emanating from the car so these were keyed and brought through the black and white grade.

The final result is a visually interesting commercial that has energy and pace to match the car it is launching, the same style was then adopted for a further year for a major TV campaign.