Hiscox TVC Found & VCCP
CreativeKieran Knight and Veryan Prigg
Production CompanyFound
DirectorMike Sharpe
CameraArri Alexa
ColouristThomas Urbye

Found chose The Look to grade this epic commercial for Hiscox.  Using clever projection mapping, the house changes as the years of a father’s life is recounted in stunning visuals.

Colourist Thomas Urbye comments “This is a beautiful project to be asked to grade.  There were no visual effects carried out after shooting, all of the visuals were projected at the time.  In the grade we had to make every room and transition sit perfectly, carefully controlling power windows and mattes handdrawn by us to increase and carve distinctive looks between the changing moments in this father’s life.  With 35 grading layers it was a precise but rewarding challenge, which I am so pleased to have been chosen to grade”

The advert is now on television and will shortly be in cinemas.


Here’s the separate Vimeo links –

Film – https://vimeo.com/108892302

Making Of – https://vimeo.com/108884141